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News and Events

Welcome to our News and Events page, your go-to destination for staying informed and engaged with our nonprofit organization. Here, we strive to keep you connected by providing a dynamic showcase of the latest updates, activities, and noteworthy events within our community. From impactful initiatives to exciting collaborations, this page serves as a hub for all things related to our mission. Explore upcoming events, discover recent achievements, and find out how you can actively participate in the positive changes we're making. We believe that staying plugged into our activities not only keeps you informed but also empowers you to be an integral part of our journey towards creating a better world. Check back regularly to ensure you never miss an opportunity to join us in making a difference.

Support Groups

Heart to Heart Support Group ​

Tuesday and Thursday Weekly, @ 6:30 - 8:00pm

Preregistration is required, please call Eagles Wings Sanctuary at 863.617.6259. Free childcare may be available with a call-ahead notification. All services are free & and confidential. This is a support group for adult women who have survived domestic abuse and are ready to explore the healing process, understand their trauma, increase individual coping skills, and restore personal hope.


Begin to Breathe Yoga ​

Every Thursday Weekly, @ 5:00-6:00pm

Preregistration is required, please call Eagles Wings Sanctuary at 863.617.6259. Yoga classes are offered weekly to women recovering from domestic violence. The hope is that each woman will discover the warrior within them as they leave feeling grounded, resilient, confident, and relaxed. Our goal is to create a sense of grounding, empowerment, ease, and ultimately a sense of trust, connection, and belonging to one's own body.

Shielding the unsafe 2024 ​

Faith-Based - Date and Time TBA

Seminar: Responding Faithfully to Domestic Abuse in the Church

Support Groups
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